Clinical Research and Development


The quality and health effects of Smartfish are clinically documented

1) The cell trial
Title: Effect of Smartfish and other commercial marine oil products on lipid peroxidation in U937 cells.

Test facility: University of Oslo, Dep of Nutrition. Scientists: Dr Harald Carlsen and Dr Fred Haugen.
Finished 24th of March 2009.

The results of this trial shows that Smartfish leads to no oxidative stress on the cell wall of the human body, unlike other comparable fish oil brands on the market. We know that oxidative stress on the cell wall might cause many serious disease at humans.

2) The Munich trial
Title: Influence of Smartfish on the Omega-3 Index in patients with coronary artery disease. (uptake of O-3 in red blood cells.

Test Facility Preventive Cardiology, Medizinische Klinik und Poliklinik Innenstadt University Munich
Scientist: Prof. Dr. C. von Schacky, FAHA, FESC.
Finished 10th of September 2009.

The results from this trial shows an average increase of 55% Omega3 index in patient group who takes Smartfish while patient group taking placebo show no increase in Omega 3 index. The increase is also shown to be significant and effective in relation to dosage used. Omega 3 index is clinically and scientifically proven indicator on patient’s risk of getting Coronary artery disease. The higher the index is, the lower the risk for getting such a disease will be.

3) The Oslo Trial
Title: Comparison of the effects of juice enriched with fish oil (functional food), fish oil capsules and fish (food) on the marine N-3 fatty acid content of blood lipids and markers for oxidative stress in mice and humans

Scientists: Project leader Professor Livar Frøyland, National Institute of Nutrition and Seafood, Proffesor Rune Blomhoff, University of Oslo, Department of nutrition, Center for Clinical trials Norway MD PHD Erik Snorre Øfjord, University of Uppsala, Section for Geriatrics and clinical nutrition research, Sweden, Professor Samar Basu.

Finished 31st of December 2011.

4) The Philadelphia Trial
Title: Healthy Brains & Behavior: Understanding and treating young aggression (HBB)

Test Facility: University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, United States
Scientist: Principal Investigator Adriane Raine, D.Phil.
Finished : May 2013

5) The Mauritius Trial
Title: Effects of Smartfish on cognition and behaviour in Children

Scientist: Adriane Raine, D.Phil
Finished December 2010