Product Information


The fish oil in Smartfish is from salmon farmed in Norwegian fjords. It is fully traceable and manufactured according to the highest quality standards, holding GMP and Kosher certificates.

Smartfish is rich and balanced in DHA and EPA and is especially beneficial for your child brain development, learning capability and immune defense.

  • Pregnancy, lactation and childhood are periods in life where supplementation of marine omega-3 fatty acids is crucial. DHA and EPA are essential building blocks of the brain cells. They are also important for vision and eye health, concentration, learning capability and immune defense.

Smartfish – Evidence Based Nutrition – Brainfood for your children!

  • High DHA and EPA

Each sachet of Smartfish contains high amounts of DHA and EPA to support healthy brain development, heart and eyes.

  • Smooth, creamy & delicious fruity taste

Smartfish is in emulsion form with a natural apricot lemon flavor. It is suitable even for children as young as 1 year old.

  • Fully traceable source of Norwegian salmon oil

Smartfish contains fresh and tasty omega-3 and DHA from fish raised in the cold and clean Norwegian waters.

  • Patented technology, no sugar added

Smartfish emulsion technology ensures and retains the Omega-3 freshness throughout its shelf life.
Smartfish has been dedicated for more than 10 years to develop the most cutting-edge technology to deliver fresh Omega-3 fatty acids to the cells without bringing oxidation.
Our technology strength and product excellence are recognised internationally.
Smartfish gained ANUGA Innovation Award in 2007 and Frost & Sullivan Award for Product Excellence in 2009

Fun ways to take Smartfish 

Smartfish is packed in air-resistant individual sachets which ensure hygiene and non oxidation

  • Each Smartfish sachet contains 5g emulsion which provides an optimum daily dosage of marine omega-3 for your children. It is clean and convenient to bring along to schools, picnics, family vacations or wherever you go.
  • Tear or cut along the perforation and squeeze directly into mouth, onto spoon, spread onto biscuit, bread, or mix with yogurt or ice cream. It also taste great when chilled. Have it the way you like it!