1. Fish oil is not the same as cod liver oil ?

Fish Oil Cod Liver Oil
Sources Deep sea fatty fish such as Salmon, Trout , Mackerel, Tuna , etc. White fish such as Cod Fish
Main Ingredients Omega-3 (DHA, EPA and DPA) Vitamins A & D
Functions Important for brain and visual development, enhancing learning ability and ability to focus, cardiovascular health and trachea. Vitamin A helps bones, teeth and hair growth; Vitamin D maintains healthy bones and teeth.

Cod liver oil provides mainly vitamin A & D

  • Cod liver oil, the name implies, is taken from fish liver. General whitefish, such as Cod Fish, stored oil in the liver, and is a major source of cod liver oil. Cod liver oil is the main provider of nutritional vitamins A and D, in general, from egg yolk, liver, carrots, etc. can uptake into vitamin A; while vitamin D can be obtained from eggs, butter, cheese, and even exposure to the sun, etc. can also be uptake into. The former can help the bones, teeth and hair growth, while the latter can maintain healthy bones and teeth. A balanced diet, for example, in the daily diet consisting of dairy products, and dark-coloured vegetables such as carrots, plus the sun would have provide sufficient vitamins A and D. The vitamins A and D are all fat-soluble vitamins, excessive intake causes accumulation in the body resulting in poisoning.

Fish Oil provides mainly Omega-3 (DHA, EPA and DPA)

  • Fish oil is taken from the deep-sea fish, and provide mainly Omega-3 (including DHA, EPA and DPA, etc.). Omega-3 is the most abundant in fatty fish such as salmon, trout , mackerel, tuna , etc. Omega-3 (DHA, EPA and DPA) are polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs), and is important for the brain and visual development, enhancing learning ability and ability to focus, cardiovascular health and trachea. Both fish oil and cod liver oil are different nutritional supplement, and therefore should not be confused. 

2. Directions for use

1 sachet daily, 7 days a week
Tear or cut along perforation and squeeze directly into mouth or onto spoon or spread onto biscuits, bread or mix with yogurt or ice cream

3. Is a sachet of Smartfish a day too much for my children?
Will there be an overdose of Omega 3?

Smartfish DHA and EPA ratio and dosage are specially formulated at this optimum level according to many researches and studies. Each sachet will meet the daily requirements of Omega 3 needed.
Fish oil is classified as ‘generally recognised as safe’ in USA. Any excess Omega 3 not absorbed by the body will be excreted out and do not stay in the body. Do note that children with scurvy, allergies to fish and dairy products should refrain from taking fish oil.

4. When can I start my child on Smartfish? Can adults take it too?

Smartfish can be taken by children age 1 year and above. We do not recommend for children under 1 year old as their digestive system has not been fully developed yet. Adults can take Smartfish too and studies have shown that taking Omega 3 can prevent Alzheimer disease, reduce depression and improve cognitive functions.

5. Storage

Store in dry place with temperature below 25°C. Cover and refrigerate after opening. Throw away if not used within 1 hour of opening

6. Caution

Not suitable for people allergic to fish or milk protein. Consult physician or dietician before ingestion by pregnant women and children under 1 year of age.