About Us

Luye Pharma (Singapore) Pte Ltd  is a wholly owned subsidiary of Luye Pharma Group Ltd, a public-listed company in Hong Kong and a leading pharmaceutical group in China.

Create a viable and profitable business in the development and marketing of evidence based and safe natural medicines for the benefit of everybody.

Business Objectives: 
Our primary objective is to identify, commercialise and market evidence-based natural and traditional Chinese and oriental medicines. To achieve this objective, we are supported by the research and development departments in Luye’s diverse group of companies including WBL-Peking University Biotech Co., Ltd (WPU).

We are also open to market external brands of natural products that are backed by strong clinical evidence.

Business Activities: 
Our business activities include product development, innovative marketing, e-health commerce, health publication, distribution of pharmaceutical and nutraceutical products and value-added investment.